What is Visual Stress?

We are able to carry out some specialised examinations for those people who suffer from visual stress. “Visual Stress” is where the processing of text is atypical. This can lead to reading difficulties, headaches and other visual problems when reading text.

Visual stress is not the same as dyslexia, although the two conditions can commonly occur together.

How Can We Help?

There are different types of coloured filters or lenses that can be used to help relieve visual discomfort. If coloured filters help, then overlays are the cheapest and simplest method; for just a few pounds, you can simply place a coloured acetate film over the text you are reading. Private tests are offered by some optometrists or dispensing opticians to help find out which colour filter will be most effective.

Coloured Overlay Assesment

During the examination, we try a number of acetate plastic sheets in various colours to determine whether colour will help reduce the discomfort experienced.

Coloured overlays are especially great for young children and students, as they are cheap and easy to use. Coloured overlays can only be used to assist in reading paperwork/books.

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