Common Eye Conditions

Short Sightedness (Myopia)

Short-sightedness is a very common eye condition that causes distant objects to appear blurred, while close objects can be seen clearly. Myopia is the medical term for short-sightedness.

Long Sightedness (Hypermetropia)

Long-sightedness, also known as hypermetropia, affects a person’s ability to see objects close to them. If you are long-sighted, you will usually be able to see distant objects clearly, but nearby objects will be out of focus. Your eyes may also tire easily.


Astigmatism is a common and usually minor condition of the eye that causes blurred or distorted vision. It occurs when the cornea or lens is not a perfectly curved shape.


Presbyopia is not a disease of the eye, but is instead, a natural part of the ageing process. It occurs over a number of years, until the lens in the eye loses its flexibility, making it difficult to focus on close objects. It is usually first noticed by people in their early to mid-forties.

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